Dust Designer™ is your first port of call for creating coffee art that guarantees to win the WOW factor.

With an unlimited variety of stencils at your fingertips and the ability to create your own stencil from scratch, you have the opportunity to bring  coffee to life each day through Dust Designer™.

This is stylish, sexy, unique, quirky and fun rolled in to one.

Not only does this product stand out, it says that your business, lifestyle and personality are pretty cool cats as well who will also stand out in a crowd.

Who is Dust Designer™?

You are officially entering the weird and wacky world of Michael Greves.

He is the brilliant mastermind behind this project who above all, worships his coffee, so it is fair to say that you are in good hands.

His vision is all about making your favourite coffee or cafe’ come to life and create memories that will make you want to keep coming back for more.

Michael is no stranger to hospitality. He began his career working in a string of restaurants and even as an understudy for fine dining pioneer Michael Platsis.

The first stencil ever created by Michael was cut from an ice cream lid using a bar knife, where a vision was planted.

He moved on to pursue his hobby in photography, seeing him successfully travel world wide capturing fashion and culture at its best.

Dust Designer™ has now taken off and you get to be a part of its amazing story.

Already, the business has seen many interested investors, such as the team at PUK Espresso, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane who were captivated by its brilliance.

We have also seen a phenomenal reaction from customers. People were leaning over the counter just to get a picture of the designs, asking to see more stencils from the Creation Station™ standing on the coffee bench at PUK.

The coffee stencil gurus at Dust Designer™ currently have a vast array of pre-determined designs, offering variety and style to all customers. Join the Dust Designer™ community to keep up with our exclusive artists, promotions and designs to make your experience second to none.

Much love